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Planning for Your Little One

Pregnany mom and daughter

As your due date draws near and your excitement begins to build, knowing what to expect and feeling prepared can help you concentrate more fully on your birthing experience. We provide a variety of educational classes to make your experience one to remember.

  • Childbirth Education Series
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn Care
  • Grandparenting
  • Getting to Know Your New Sibling

Upcoming Classes

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When You’re Ready, So Are We

We encourage you to complete a pre-admission form one month before your due date. You can pick up a form at our child birth classes or at your physician’s office to complete.

Once you’ve completed the form, return it to your physician, Fairfield Medical Center’s Admitting Office or mail to:

Fairfield Medical Center
Attn: Admitting Office
401 N. Ewing St.
Lancaster, OH 43130

Completing this form will allow our team to be well-informed and ready to go when it’s time to welcome your miracle into the world. We will assist you in notifing your chosen pediatrician when baby arrives, allowing them the opportunity to complete a newborn exam right at your bedside.

mom packing her bag

Pack Your Bags and Meet your Bundle of Joy

Having a baby makes for an exciting – and hectic – time. Four weeks before your due date, pack a suitcase. This simple task will help you feel more prepared when it’s time to head to the hospital.

For new moms, be sure to include a nightgown, bathrobe, slippers, support or nursing bras, underwear, toiletries and a comfortable change of clothes. If you forget to bring a nightgown for nursing, don’t worry: we can provide you with one. Support persons and partners should also pack extra clothes, toiletries and a pillow if they plan on staying through the night.

Don’t forget to bring the car seat and a few outfits for your baby. Going home for the first time is a big deal, and you’ll probably be taking lots of pictures!

With that in mind, you also might want to consider keeping your camera or an extra phone charger in your hospital bag, as well as a copy of your insurance card and maybe even a small gift for baby’s big siblings.

katy in labor with husband

A Special Time for Everyone

We know that your loved ones are an important part of this experience, and we are excited for you to share these special moments with them. During labor and delivery, we welcome three support people to remain with you in the birthing suite. For approximately one hour after delivery, you and baby will be monitored closely, and visitors will be restricted. After this one-hour period, all visitors are welcome from 7 a.m.-8:30 p.m.

Remember, the Maternity Unit is a secure environment. This means visitors will need to buzz in via intercom in order to gain access to the unit.