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Experience the Care Embrace the Support

Pediatrician, Dr. Robertson with newbornThe care we provide doesn’t end when your baby arrives – our staff is equally committed to supporting you in your rest and recovery. We understand that childbirth is exciting and miraculous, and that it can also be exhausting and overwhelming. We will be by your side throughout your stay with us, and we encourage you to ask for help, voice your concerns and ask questions freely – because a newborn can be just as “new” to you as the world is to your child.

Baby’s First Days

No one can care for or love your baby quite as well as you, but we want you to take comfort in knowing the nursery is available day or night if you or your support person needs assistance. Whether it’s for a few minutes or a few hours, we’re happy to give you the time you need to take care of you – sometimes a shower and a nap can go a long way in helping you feel prepared to be the best parent possible to your newborn.

A pediatric hospitalist will perform a physical examination within 12 hours of your baby’s birth as well as any necessary procedures during your stay. This is another perfect opportunity to ask questions or review any baby care concerns you might have.


Mother snuggling with newborn baby

Kangaroo Care Build a Bond with Your Baby

Kangaroo Care is a special way for a mother to hold her baby “skin-to-skin.” Your baby, wearing only a diaper and hat, is placed on your chest immediately after delivery and covered with a warm blanket. Your baby needs to stay in “Kangaroo Care” with you for at least 1-2 hours after delivery.

Every healthy term newborn is encouraged to be placed in Kangaroo Care, but there may be instances when your baby is unable to participate in Kangaroo Care due to medical reasons. Your baby’s caregiver will discuss this with you.

Mother breastfeeding newborn

Feeding Your Baby


We encourage you to embrace the nursing experience and to breastfeed your baby on demand. Responsive feeding – or nursing your baby whenever they give you feeding cues – is an important part of your newborn’s health and development.

Even though breastfeeding is natural, babies will sometimes have difficulty with the process. An experienced lactation consultant is available to advise and assist you in the privacy of your suite. If you have questions after you return home, call 740-687-8953 to speak with a lactation consultant.

Bottle Feedings

We also encourage you to feed your baby on demand if you choose to bottle feed instead of breastfeed. We will provide you with enough formula for each day you are with us.



twin babies in the field


We stock each bassinet with everything you’ll need to care for your baby during your stay. This includes a suction bulb, disposable diapers, clean linens, formula, alcohol wipes and baby wipes. While much of the emphasis here is placed on baby care, we also understand that new moms need a lot of attention too. Our nurses, working with your physician, will make sure you not only receive the appropriate treatment and medication, but sufficient rest and relaxation, as well.

Our closed-circuit TV channel 8.3 is dedicated to new baby and mother care. Literature is also located along the hallways throughout the Maternity Unit, and our nurses are available to help you learn how to care for your baby with confidence.

Babies spend much of their time sleeping. But even when sleeping, your baby will need care. Place your baby in your suite’s bassinet on his or her back. Never leave your baby, whether asleep or awake, unattended on your bed.