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Improving Lung Biopsy with Advanced Technology

Fairfield Medical Center is investing in robotic technology designed to diagnose, treat and overcome lung cancer in the earliest stages of disease.

Chest x-rays or scans may reveal abnormal spots in the lungs, known as nodules. While most are harmless, some can be cancerous, and your provider may recommend additional testing.

Historically, small or difficult to reach nodules have been monitored over the course of months or years to watch for concerning changes.

Now, with the ION Endoluminal System, biopsy samples can be taken from small or suspicious nodules located anywhere in the lung almost immediately after detection.

Benefits of robotic-assisted lung biopsy include:

  • Faster diagnosis of cancer
  • Quicker treatment
  • Better outcomes


Understanding the Procedure Traditional versus Minimally Invasive Techniques

Diagnosing lung cancer usually requires a biopsy – taking a small sample of cells that will be tested in a lab. In the past, a lung biopsy involved passing a needle through the chest wall and into the lung. When a biopsy is performed using minimally invasive navigational bronchoscopy, the sample is taken from inside the airways.


Procedure Overview:

  • Navigational bronchoscopy is performed by gently guiding instruments down the trachea, or windpipe.
  • The provider then uses advanced imaging and controls to maneuver an ultra-flexible catheter through the twists and turns of the small, branching airways within the lungs.
  • Once the exact location of the nodule has been reached, the catheter is locked in place to ensure stability and precision while a flexible biopsy needle collects samples of the tissue with more accuracy than ever before.



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Benefits of Lung Biopsy Using Robotic Technology at FMC

In addition to offering quicker diagnoses, expedited treatment and improving outcomes and survival rates for those facing lung cancer, minimally invasive lung biopsy is associated with:

  • Painless recovery, as it does not require an incision or surgery
  • More accurate results, eliminating the need for a second biopsy procedure
  • Same-day discharge, with procedures being performed on an outpatient basis

If your biopsy confirms a cancer diagnosis, you may be a candidate for robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgical treatment. Learn more about robotic technology at FMC.

Lung Cancer Screenings Early Detection Saves Lives

Because symptoms don’t typically develop until the disease has spread, most cases of lung cancer are diagnosed in the late stages when the disease is extremely difficult to treat. For this reason, lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women in the United States.

Doctors have found that screening for lung cancer in people at high risk of the disease can help to detect lung cancer early, which improves the chances of successful treatment. With smoking playing a role in 80-90% of lung cancer cases, those with an extensive history of tobacco use should talk to their provider about routine lung cancer screening.

You will need to have a physician order for a low-dose computed tomography (LDCT). To learn more about screening for lung cancer, or if you feel you are a candidate for a screening, please talk to your healthcare provider.

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Team-Based Approach With a You-Centered Focus

Roopa Srikantiah-Saha, MD
Roopa Srikantiah-Saha, MD
Cancer Care, Hematology, Oncology
Mark Becker, MD
Mark Becker, MD
Cancer Care, Oncology, Radiation Oncology
Jarrod Bruce, MD
Jarrod Bruce, MD
Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonary Disease
Andrew Twehues, MD
Andrew Twehues, MD
Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonary Disease
Christian Tencza, MD
Christian Tencza, MD
Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonary Disease
Avneet Singh, MD
Avneet Singh, MS, MD
Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonary Disease

To refer a patient for expedited robotic bronchoscopy,
please contact Fairfield Healthcare Professionals Pulmonology & Critical Care at 740-689-6833.

FMC Adopts Robotic Technology for Lung Cancer Biopsy

Fairfield Medical Center is one of just three Ohio hospital systems investing in Intuitive’s ION robotic technology, designed to beat lung cancer in the earliest stages of disease. The ability to biopsy suspicious nodules, regardless of size or location within the lung, will lead to faster treatment and better outcomes for those facing the life-changing diagnosis.

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Fairfield Medical Center Launches Robotic Surgery Program

Fairfield Medical Center is excited to announce the implementation of robotic-assisted surgical procedures, an innovative advancement that will benefit patient care.