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Published Feb. 1, 2022

Robotics_da Vinci-Dr. Scott JohnsonFairfield Medical Center is excited to announce the implementation of robotic-assisted surgical procedures, an innovative advancement that will benefit patient care. Like laparoscopic surgeries, this surgical approach can lead to less pain, shorter hospital stays, decreased scarring and a quicker recovery for surgery patients when compared to open or traditional methods. While the organization has historically boasted a wide array of surgical offerings, the introduction of robotic equipment has allowed Fairfield Medical Center to expand its library of minimally invasive treatment options, transitioning the performance of more than 30 procedures from traditional methods to cutting-edge, robotic-assisted techniques.

With physicians remaining in complete control of the device’s movements, robotic assisted surgery requires specialty training and an experienced surgical background. The equipment simply enhances surgical skill by improving vision, flexibility and precision through magnification and meticulously designed instruments. During a robotic-assisted procedure, the surgeon remains in the operating room with their patient, seated nearby at a specially constructed console. Looking through a viewfinder, the physician sees magnified, high-definition 3D images of their surgical field, then uses a set of controls to manipulate the robotic arms as though these were an extension of their own hands. The instruments move fluidly and with a greater range of motion compared to human mechanics. By coupling the expertise of our surgeons with these technological advancements, Fairfield Medical Center can deliver outstanding patient care in a personable, comfortable and familiar environment.

“The addition of robotic-assisted surgery at Fairfield Medical Center means patients in our communities can receive leading, minimally invasive surgical care without traveling to Columbus or other large city centers,” said cardiothoracic surgeon and robotic surgery director Tyrone Galbreath, DO. “Our hospital isn’t only investing in equipment and technology; we’re investing in the creation of a program that provides excellent patient experiences and high quality surgical outcomes.”

While many procedures must be performed using traditional open or laparoscopic methods, robotic-assisted surgery has revolutionized care across several specialties, including cardiothoracic and general surgery. From hernia repairs to lung surgeries and more, Fairfield Medical Center is prepared to offer advanced surgical care to treat, heal and improve the lives of patients. Talk to your provider to find out if robotic-assisted surgery is right for you. No matter the approach, Fairfield Medical Center’s comprehensive and compassionate surgical team is ready to make a difference for patients on the path to health.

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FMC Adopts Robotic Technology for Lung Cancer Biopsy

Fairfield Medical Center is one of just three Ohio hospital systems investing in Intuitive’s ION robotic technology, designed to beat lung cancer in the earliest stages of disease. The ability to biopsy suspicious nodules, regardless of size or location within the lung, will lead to faster treatment and better outcomes for those facing the life-changing diagnosis.