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Working at FMC

For more than a century, Fairfield Medical Center has been a regional healthcare provider who delivers exceptional care to our patients by creating exceptional experiences for our employees. 

We are committed to developing a culture for our organization that is based around this idea of creating an exceptional experience for our patients, their families and our employees – which we define as “making a difference from the heart.”

The driver behind our culture is that we all believe in the value of it, and we hire people into the organization who are also committed to making a difference. Our employees truly go the extra mile to serve our patients and each other.

Cultural training is provided to all new employees, as well as culture-based leadership training for those coming into a leadership role. If you join our team, we look forward to sharing more with you about what makes Fairfield Medical Center such an exceptional place to work and receive care.

Be a Part of the FMC Experience
Be a Part of the FMC Experience

Members of the FMC family share what it means to be a part of the FMC Experience.

What We Value

  Empathy – Treating others with compassion; striving to understand others’ perspectives, without labeling or judging; personally engaging in providing patient- and family-centered care.

  Integrity – Taking responsibility for ones words and actions, being passionate and courageous about doing the right thing, demonstrating honesty and excellence, delivering on promises and commitments.

  Stewardship – Using resources wisely, respecting the time and resources of others, showing pride in FMC, giving back to the community and the organization.

  Agility – Taking initiative to find creative solutions, anticipating concerns and responding promptly, minimizing bureaucracy, exploring opportunities for growth.

  Teamwork – working collaboratively, not in silos; treating others with courtesy and respect; assuming good intent and welcoming differing viewpoints; creating a spirit of belonging and fellowship within FMC; embracing the FMC culture.

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What Our Staff Are Saying

I love working at FMC because it is an extended family environment. Everyone looks out for each other by showing compassion and concern. The organization wants everyone to grow in their role and be successful. The hospital truly cares about our community and all the patients we serve.

— Marilyn, Quality Excellence

I came here from a different country. The first taste of employment I had in the US was at Fairfield Medical Center, and I feel that I could work here until I retire.

I am a giver, that is I feel best when I am giving to others – be it help, advice or a shoulder to cry on. I get plenty of opportunities at FMC to do this. My manager trusts me to be a “Jack of all trades” with a wide range of tasks I can carry out, which I am happy with as it allows me to help in many different ways. Hopefully I can continue to grow as a person each day in order to give back to those that need it. Meanwhile I’ll try each day to bring smiles to those around me – it’s the least I can do and I’m told it’s something I’m good at.

— Noel, Environmental Services

I am so grateful to be part of an organization that is so community focused. FMC recognizes the needs of the community and responds by providing services to meet those needs. I am so thankful to work here – it really is a blessing.

— Molly, Maternity

I had worked for a big corporate company for several years and just wasn’t happy. I truly desired to serve the community I lived in and get back to my roots, even if that meant taking a pay cut. After doing some research on FMC and applying for and accepting a position, I was over the moon to be chosen to work for such an awesome organization. FMC has become a second home to me, and it doesn’t feel like “work.” I find what I do really fun, interesting, and challenging. Every day, I am thankful FMC gave me this opportunity. It has changed my life and filled my cup in so many ways. Anytime I am asked where I work, I am proud to say FMC.

— Katy, Accounting

Award-Winning Care

At FMC, we take our patients’ care seriously, which is why many of our programs have received recognition for excellence. When you join our team, you become part of an organization that is making a difference by delivering exceptional care every day.