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I'm a Grateful Patient and I want to name my caregiver as LEGENDARY

FMC Patient, Brad Rarick, presents a Legendary Caregiver certificate to Dr. Reinig

How can I say thank you and recognize the caregivers that made my experience better?

An emergency visit or life-saving operation.
A thoughtful gesture when you’re feeling low.
A pleasant smile and warm hello.
Those details matter to us because we know they matter to you.

You can help us recognize the Legendary Caregivers that made your experience at Fairfield Medical Center the best it could be.

To honor your Legendary Caregiver, fill in the Grateful Patient form below.

Donations from the Grateful Patient & Family Program also help pay for pins that caregivers wear to denote their Legendary status.I'm Legendary pin

Who can be honored?

You will come in contact with numerous staff members of Fairfield Medical Center during your stay. Staff members you can name Legendary may include:

  • Physicians
  • Assistants
  • Nurses
  • Dietitians
  • Food Services
  • Volunteers
  • Chaplains
  • Therapists
  • Aids
  • Case Workers
  • Pharmacists
  • Registration
  • Maintenance
  • and others!
  • Caregivers and Departments:

    • Sonya Andres
    • Eric Barrows
    • Holly Bonhomme
    • Ashley Boyer
    • Ursula Brewster
    • Joel Burns
    • Rob Cahill
    • Jessie Call
    • Sydney Chenetski
    • Kim Cherry
    • Sarah Cook
    • Kaitlin Dawson
    • Ronnie Dodds
    • Linda George
    • Serena Grueser
    • Tracy Gurewicz
    • Dr. Jeffrey Haggenjos
    • Heather Helser
    • Todd Hintz
    • Candace Hurley
    • Alyson Johnston
    • Sarah Jones
    • Brenda Kemper
    • Dr. Anokh Kondru
    • Alicia Mandeville
    • Courtney McCarty
    • Nicole McCoy
    • Heather Milhon
    • Lizzie Miller
    • Angelise Morales
    • Dave Murray
    • Sally Niemann
    • Kerestan North
    • Janice Novitni
    • Harley Orum
    • Dana Parker
    • Alexis Pierce
    • Miriah Quirino
    • Joanie Ray
    • Dr. Jean Robertson
    • Josh Roe
    • Graceyn Ross
    • Corry Rowe
    • Dr. Laurel Santino
    • Kim Schriner
    • Shelby Seum
    • Lyndsey Skaggs
    • Eric Skillman
    • Kacy Snyder
    • Kim Starlin
    • Tabitha Stevens
    • Jennifer Stone
    • Lauren Thomas
    • Ginny Thompson
    • Kathy Voight
    • Dr. Ethan Wasson
    • Jessica Welsh
    • Jean Williams
    • Hanah Wilson
    • Kathleen Wood
    • Alena Wotring
    • Cardiac Rehab
    • Case Management
    • Cath Lab
    • Center Police
    • Chaplains
    • Emergency Department Staff
    • Environmental Services Staff
    • FHP Cardiology Staff
    • FHP Cardiothoracic Surgery Staff
    • FHP Pulmonology & Critical Care Staff
    • FHP Vascular Staff
    • ICU Staff
    • Imaging Staff
    • Lab/phlebotomy Staff
    • PCU Staff
    • Physical Therapy Staff
    • Respiratory Therapy Staff
    • Surgical Services Staff
    • VIR Staff
  • Caregivers and Departments:

    • Dr. John Abidin
    • Kris Broceus
    • Janine Browning
    • Dr. Emily Burnette
    • Dr. Matthew Campos
    • Justin Chaffin
    • Dr. David Conley
    • Becky Darst
    • Candace Enmen
    • Sara Fahrer
    • Carolyn Geiger
    • Dr. Jennifer Gibson
    • Laura Gornall
    • Becky Grubb
    • Serena Grueser
    • Ben Guess
    • Tracy Gurewicz
    • Nicole Hahn
    • Dr. Earl Haley
    • Brenna Huber
    • Jessica Hughes
    • Stephanie Inboden
    • Cierra James
    • Sue Johnson
    • Sarah Jones
    • Kody Joseph
    • Jenny June
    • Mariah Kenney
    • Makinsey Kilbarger
    • Dr. Srinivas Kolli
    • Shannon Lafferty
    • Kym LaPorte
    • Dr. Ron Linehan
    • Alicia Mandeville
    • Denika Moon
    • Dr. Christopher Nickison
    • Tom Patzkowsky
    • Dr. Doug Pope
    • Cheryl Quinlan
    • Joanie Ray
    • Amber Risner
    • Dr. Ralph Romaker
    • Anthony Ross
    • Matt Sahr
    • Lillian Sater
    • Valerie Shaw
    • Mallory Smith
    • Rachael Smith
    • Lydie Snider
    • Kodi Stebelton
    • Jamie Stevens
    • Samantha Stewart
    • Ranee Sudlow
    • Lauren Thomas
    • Ben Tillis
    • Elaine Tipton
    • Gwen Toth
    • Dr. David Vaziri
    • Taylor Walker
    • Dr. Christopher Walker
    • Kenzie Watters
    • Dr. John Weaver
    • Jessica Wiseman
    • Dr. Jeff Yenchar
    • 2 Surgical Staff
    • 5th Floor Medical Staff
    • Cardiopulmonary
    • Rehabilitation Staff
    • FHP Infectious Disease Staff
    • FHP Pulmonary and Critical Care Staff
    • ICU Staff
    • Observation Unit Staff
    • Outpatient Therapy Staff
    • Respiratory Therapy Staff

The Grateful Patient & Family Program is a meaningful way to celebrate the extraordinary care you or your loved one received while at Fairfield Medical Center. Tell your story with a financial gift to honor a caregiver and further the care of other patients in many ways.


  • If there are additional caregivers, please include them in your story.

My caregivers went above and beyond in my lengthy stay. From the 4th floor to PCU to ICU, they watched me closely, took care of me, soothed my fears and ultimately saved my life. All of these folks fought hard for me, even when I was at my worst and being difficult. Thank you!

~ A Grateful Patient of multiple 4th floor, PCU and ICU staff members


Everyone was wonderful during my admission to the maternity unit. All of my nurses were phenomenal, but I had a few who stood out to me. They went above and beyond to advocate for me when I needed it the most, took amazing care of my child, helped make my recovery so much easier, was very comforting during the admission process and epidural. All of my caregivers were great and down to earth. It was nice to feel so comfort at such a vulnerable time. I am forever grateful for the work all of these ladies do.

~ A Grateful Patient of multiple Maternity Department staff member


My parents were in a wreck on their way to an anniversary celebration. The staff at FMC went above and beyond to care for them. They also arranged for dinner to be delivered to the ER so they could finish their anniversary. Our family has been very touched by this loving compassionate group of people. We are all in amazement that they would do this for us. They didn’t have to and it has really touched our hearts. Thank you for employing such great compassionate loving people.

~ A Grateful Family Member of multiple Emergency Department staff members


We were so impressed and grateful for every staff member we interacted with in person and over the phone during my family member’s stay for lung cancer surgery and recovery. Everyone was friendly, eager to help, kind and compassionate. We were relieved to know he was in great hands all hours of the day and night. Thank you all for your hard work.

~ A Grateful Family Member of multiple Cancer Services staff members


I suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the cardiac care unit. Each staff member was compassionate, understanding, empathetic and friendly. My call light was answered within 15 seconds every time. I even told the staff your commercials on television are correct: Fairfield Medical Center treats each patient like they are a family member. Please recognize each member with a big “Thank you” for brightening my days while I was a patient.

~ A Grateful Patient of multiple Cardiac Care staff members


Grateful Patient Legendary Recognizing Caregivers