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Be Ready for Your Baby's Arrival

Pregnant woman arriving at the hospital on a wheelchairAs your due date draws near and your excitement begins to build, knowing what to expect and feeling prepared can help you concentrate more fully on your birthing experience.

Below are some common questions about the childbirth experience to help you feel ready for your baby’s arrival.


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Tour the FMC Maternity Unit

Take a virtual tour of our maternity unit and learn about what to expect during your childbirth experience at Fairfield Medical Center.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your healthcare provider can supply the best advice on when you should come to the hospital. If you are feeling concerned or experiencing symptoms at home, you should call your healthcare provider’s office or the Maternity Unit at 740-687-8290.

    If you are experiencing an emergency, call 9-1-1 immediately.

    If you are experiencing the symptoms below, you may be advised to come to the hospital for evaluation.

    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Headache or blurred vision
    • Swelling of the face, hands or feet
    • Discomfort right below your ribs in your upper abdomen
    • Vaginal bleeding
    • Trickle or gush of fluid from the vagina
    • Severe vaginal pressure
    • Cramping or dull aching in your back, abdomen or thighs prior to 37 weeks
    • Decreased fetal movement
    • Fever
    • Contractions that are difficult to walk or talk through and have lasted for about an hour
    • Abdominal tenderness or pain
    • A fall or any injury to the abdomen
    • Persistent vomiting or diarrhea
  • We offer free parking in any of our designated lots, including near the Main entrance or the convenient parking garage located at the North (Emergency Department) entrance. There is also free valet parking available at the Main entrance.

  • If you are coming to the hospital for a lab or ultrasound, make sure to check in with Registration on the first floor.

    If you are scheduled for a procedure on our OB unit – such as a non-stress test, a cesarean section or induction – you can proceed to the Maternity Unit, located on the second floor of the hospital. Our unit is locked for the safety of our patients, so you will need to use the intercom located outside the Maternity Unit doors to provide staff members with your name and the reason for your visit.

    If you are not scheduled for a lab or procedure and need to be evaluated, enter through the North (Emergency Department) entrance located on top of the parking garage. If you are fewer than 20 weeks pregnant or have a non-pregnancy-related concern, you may be registered and evaluated in the Emergency Department.

    If you are more than 20 weeks pregnant and have a pregnancy-related concern, the Emergency Department staff will ask you a few questions, and a member of our maternity staff will take you to the Maternity Unit via wheelchair. Once you arrive on the Maternity floor, staff will ask you for your photo ID and insurance information to complete registration.

  • When you arrive in the Maternity Unit, our nurses will collect information about your pregnancy, medical history and the symptoms you are experiencing. They will evaluate your vital signs and place monitors to keep an eye on you and your baby’s heart rates. Depending on the reason for your visit, a nurse may need to perform a vaginal exam to evaluate whether or not you are dilated.

    Once you have been assessed, your healthcare provider will be notified of your arrival and will begin planning your care. Our staff will keep you informed and discuss your plan for your care with you.

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Preparing for Your Arrival

We encourage you to complete a pre-admission form at least one month before your due date. You can pick up a form at our childbirth classes, during a tour or at your healthcare provider’s office to complete.

Once you’ve completed the form, you can return it to your healthcare provider, Fairfield Medical Center’s Admitting Office or mail to:

Fairfield Medical Center
Attn: Admitting Office
401 N. Ewing St.
Lancaster, OH 43130

Completing this form will allow our team to be well-informed and ready to go when it’s time to welcome your miracle into the world.

Here When You Need Us

If you have any questions about where to go or what to do when you arrive at the hospital,
call our maternity department at 740-687-8290.