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Preparing for Your Return Home

As comfortable as we’ll make your stay with us, you will be anxious to take your new baby home. That is why, almost from the moment of birth, we will be working to make your discharge from Fairfield Medical Center as smooth as possible. Early on, we will provide you with birth certificate and infant hearing screening information.

Completing your birth certificate paperwork as soon as possible after delivery is of utmost importance. This will ensure that our staff has time to verify and complete any additional documents. If you have questions or concerns regarding Ohio laws and establishing paternity, please call 740- 687-8283.

Finally, when you’re ready to go home, you will receive discharge instructions from your nurse. After your baby is dressed, you will be escorted to our main entrance in the safety of a wheelchair. Ohio law requires you to secure your baby in an approved infant car seat. We suggest you read the instructions that came with your car seat for proper installation before your baby arrives.