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Our Patients' Stories

Dr. James Parker

"I came in and had my surgery and that was the end of that pain. Literally, that day."

FMC Neurologist Dr. James Parker had been suffering with knee issues since high school. As his pain and discomfort worsened, he found he couldn't move around like once did and was having to modify what he was doing.

"If the family was out somewhere, I was way back somewhere,” he said. “My sons' were suggesting I needed a scooter to keep up with them."

With his knee in constant pain and his mobility limited, Dr. Parker was ready for relief. Since his operation, he has felt no discomfort with his knee. "My other knee is really good, or I would've had replacement surgery done on it already."

Watch Dr. Parker's video to learn more about his experience, why he chose to have his surgery at FMC and how his life has improved since his operation.


Ed Readman

"If Dr. D'Onofrio walked in this room right now and said,' let's do your right knee', I'd say, 'let's do it'." 

When Lancaster resident Ed Readman needed knee replacement surgery, he chose the hospital close to home, where his heart procedure was performed just 18 months prior.

In July 2010, Ed came to the Emergency Department at FMC with congestive heart failure.  Through a combination of surgery, medication and rehab work, Ed was able to recover from that obstacle.

In December 2011, Ed knew who to turn to, when he needed to have knee replacement surgery. He chose FMC because of the great care he had the year before and because of the positive comments he had heard about FMC orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mark D'Onforio. 

The day of his surgery, Ed walked 35 feet without the assistance of a brace. "On the second day, I walked from the nurse's station to the fireplace and back," he said. "I had my stride back."

Watch Ed Readman's video to learn more about his journey and how his life has improved since his operations.