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Experience the Teamwork

FMC Sports Medicine Therapy RehabA therapy room is located on the Orthopedic Unit and includes all equipment necessary to make sure you can maneuver safely and successfully once at home or work.

The therapy room, a simulated home-like environment, has stairs for you to practice, a bathtub to prepare for successful tub transfers, and all other necessary gym equipment needed for physical or occupational therapy. Physical therapists work with you on a one-on-one basis, closely evaluating your progress.

Keep Moving

Walking is encouraged after surgery. The hallways of the Orthopedic Unit have been strategically designed to promote walking. Diamond shapes are positioned in the hallway flooring at a distance of 25 feet apart from the center of one diamond to the center of the next, so that patients can gauge walking distances while recovering.

Proper therapy is necessary for comfort and successful surgery outcomes.


What Our Patients Are Saying

Without their help, I couldn't have got as far as I did.
Without their help, I couldn't have got as far as I did.”

Brittany Devall discusses her Fairfield Medical Center experience.

physical therapist with aquatic therapy patient

A state-of-the-art gym offering rehabilitative programs by therapy experts is located at 1143 E. Main St. and 2384 N. Memorial Dr. in Lancaster. Outpatients can receive therapy and total joint patients can receive continued therapy. This facility also specializes in sports and work-related injuries.