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Sports Medicine Program

Athletes are highly driven and goal-oriented people. We will be there to help you reach your goals and get you back on the playing field quickly and safely! We provide comprehensive care – offering access to providers with the most up-to-date sports medicine knowledge and providing treatment for sports-related injuries. Our team will help coordinate rehabilitation with athletic trainers and physical therapists.

We care for and provide the following services:
• Trauma and fractures
• Shoulder and knee joint replacement and preservation
• Adult and pediatric degenerative conditions
• Comprehensive evaluations, consultations and treatment plans for a wide array of musculoskeletal condition

man holding knee in pain
ACL Prevention

We have seen a high prevalence of ACL injuries in athletes of all ages. Although this impacts all athletes, we have seen a higher rate of injury in our youth. Athletes between the ages of 15-25 who are playing a competitive sport are at the greatest risk of injury. Our team is happy to speak with about ACL prevention. Click here to learn more.

concussion patient with doctor
Concussion Care

At Fairfield Medical Center, we believe the best way to properly manage a sports related concussion is to start before the injury even occurs. Get aHEAD of the game through our Baseline Concussion Testing. Click here to learn more.

Sports-Specific Rehabilitation

Sports-specific rehabilitation is much like traditional physical therapy, but with an emphasis on exercises that mirror required movements of the sport. We will custom design a rehabilitation program for you based on your sport, your fitness level and your goals. Click here to learn more.

We'll get you back to the playing field.

FMC Ortho patient Bri West
Redefining Goals – Bri’s Therapy Story

After two knee injuries sidelined soccer player Bri West, the therapy team at Fairfield Medical Center inspired her to reach a new goal.

Brittany Devaull thowing a shot put
A Second Shot – Brittany’s Orthopedic Care Story

After re-tearing her ACL, Brittany Devall turned to FHP Orthopedics to help her get back on the field.