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Surgery Day

  • Fairfield Medical Center Exterior ShotRegistration
    When you arrive at the hospital, go to the surgery waiting room. You will receive a “HIPAA privacy number.” This is a four-digit number that only you can give out to family or friends. Anyone calling or asking how you are doing cannot be told any information unless he or she has the HIPAA number.
  • Pre-op
    Once your paperwork is completed, you will be directed to the perioperative area. You will change into a hospital gown. A nurse will start an IV (intravenous) line and take your blood pressure and temperature. Family members can be with you during this time. The anesthesiologist will meet with you and review your health history. He or she will discuss the types of anesthesia that can be used. Once a decision is made, you will be asked to sign a surgery and anesthesia consent form.
  • Surgery
    You will be told the approximate amount of time your surgery will require. Family may wait in the surgery waiting room. The surgeon will talk with your family after surgery.
  • PACU (Recovery)
    After surgery is completed, you will be moved to the recovery or PACU area. This is where you will wake up from anesthesia. You may have a dry mouth, nausea, itching, chills or feel confused. Tell your nurse if you experience any of these. Also tell your nurse if you awaken with pain; you may be given pain and nausea medications. An X-ray will be taken of your new joint. You will be in recovery for 1-2 hours. Your family is not allowed to be with you at this time. The receptionist will let your family know when you are being moved out of PACU and into your room.
  • Orthopedic Unit
    Once you have recovered from anesthesia, you will be moved to the Orthopedic Unit located on the 6th floor where your family can visit you. Your care will continue here for the rest of your hospital stay. You will begin therapy and make progress toward your discharge.