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2018 Cancer Care Outcomes

Problem: A 2017 study of the OP-35 metric from CMS found a significant amount of chemotherapy patients visiting the Emergency Department or being admitted within 30 days of their treatment. Most of the visits are deemed avoidable or common effects of Chemotherapy. Visits are placing increased financial burden on our chemotherapy patients each time there is a visit.
Goal: Reduce the rate of avoidable visits over the next 12 months.
Improvement:​Develop an expectations guide to be distributed to chemotherapy patients that explains, in detail, what they can experience. Provide contact information to receive direction or schedule a follow up appointment in a timely manner.

2016 Cancer Care Outcomes

Click here to view a copy of our 2016 Cancer Care Quality Report.

2014 Breast Cancer Outcomes

Breast Cancer Outcomes 1
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2015 Lung Screening Study