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Chemotherapy in a Comforting, Supportive Environment

Courageous woman with cancer spends precious time with adult daughterNo one looks forward to cancer treatment, but our staff are dedicated to making you and your loved ones feel as comfortable as possible.

Chemotheraphy involves the use of drugs to provide curative treatment, control cancer growth and ease cancer symptoms. Your oncologist will work with you to develop a plan for your chemotherapy treatments that takes into consideration a variety factors specific to your diagnosis and history.  

Whether you’re here for a curative treatment regimen, or palliative care treatments, the cancer care team works diligently to help you and your family relax – even during lengthy treatments.

Our chemotherapy services are offered on an outpatient basis, in a relaxing and peaceful environment, easily accessible on the first floor of the Fairfield Medical Center Pavilion. Each station is equipped with a comfortable chair and a television. But it isn’t just the furniture that will make you feel at ease – it is the caring and devoted staff who are focused on your care.

Young woman in cancer treatment being embraced by her mother.

Dedicated Cancer Care Professionals

Chemotherapy nurses are a vital part of your cancer care team and work closely with the medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and other staff. Our nurses spend hours and sometimes entire days with patients receiving treatment, and often form a special bond with patients during that time. In many cases, chemotherapy nurses take away important lessons from the patients who are in their care.


I feel blessed to be able to share this time with those patients. They share so much and I learn so much about living. They teach us things – like how precious life can be and to be thankful for the little things.”
- Connie Spackey, a Registered Nurse in Chemotherapy
Cancer patient in oncology unit

We're Here For You

Chemotherapy treatments are offered at our Cancer Care & Infusion Center, easily accessible on the first floor of the Fairfield Medical Center Pavilion. If you have questions, please call 740-687-6900.