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The Latest Treatments in Managing Cancer

Young African American woman with cancer spends time with a friend.Our cancer care team creates a customized cancer care plan to help find the very best outcome for you. Our board-certified oncologists have vast experience in dealing with all types of cancer and leverage that experience to give you the best chance of beating your disease.

Your personalized treatment plan will depend on the stage of your cancer, whether or not it has spread, and your own health history and lifestyle. Your treatment will be a collaborative effort – taking into account you and your family’s wishes.

To learn more about how we treat cancer, call the Cancer Care team at 740-687-6900.

Young woman in cancer treatment being embraced by her mother.

When chemotherapy is a prescribed curative measure for cancer, Fairfield Medical Center’s Chemotherapy department is designed to make you and your loved ones feel as comfortable as possible.

Cancer patient with nurse.
Radiation Oncology

Fairfield Medical Center’s radiation oncology program provides you with expert, compassionate care in the management of cancer.

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Surgical Oncology

Surgery can serve a wide range of purposes in your cancer journey, including diagnosis, staging and treatment. Your oncology team members will discuss with you the surgical options that are best-suited to your individual needs.

Volunteer helping cancer patient during treatment
Infusion Treatments

Our infusion services are offered on an outpatient basis in a relaxing and peaceful environment with caring and devoted staff who are focused on your care.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction offers a means to restore your natural shape after breast cancer treatment and, in turn, help to rebuild your self-confidence.