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Experts in Cancer Treatment, Providing Compassionate Care

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Our team of board-certified medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, highly trained surgeons, nurse practitioners, oncology nurse navigators and other cancer care team members work together to provide a tailored treatment plan for you and your family.

By collaborating with multiple disciplines, our providers offer holistic care plans and compassionate coordination of all aspects of your care to ease the journey for you and your family. 

To speak with a member of our Cancer Care team, call 740-687-6900.

Dr. Saha examining a patient


You can expect exceptional care and a wealth of knowledge from our board-certified hematologist/oncologist that works closely with multidisciplinary teams to create a personalized cancer treatment plan for each and every patient. These teams consist of radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, pulmonologists, primary care providers, radiation oncologists and more.

Fairfield Healthcare Professionals Hematology/Oncology’s certified nurse practitioners are there to assist the oncologist with the management and treatment of symptoms to help patients get back to living life to the fullest.

With offices located just two floors about the Cancer Care and Infusion Center, our oncologist has immediate access to patients in the Infusion Center and is readily available for consult during inpatient stays at the main hospital.

Roopa Srikantiah-Saha, MD
Roopa Srikantiah-Saha, MD
Cancer Care, Hematology, Oncology
Megan Brown, CNP
Megan Brown, CNP
Cancer Care, Hematology, Oncology
Heather Nickell, CNP
Heather Nickell, CNP
Cancer Care, Hematology, Oncology
Dr. Becker with a patient

Radiation Oncology

Fairfield Medical Center’s radiation oncology team provides expert, compassionate care in the management of cancer. Board-certified radiation oncologists collaborate with the other specialists to customize a cancer care plan for you, specific to your individual needs. Together they find the best possible outcome for each patient.

With convenient street-level access and free valet parking at our main hospital, radiation treatment is available onsite to facilitate collaboration with other members of your oncology team.

Mark Becker, MD
Mark Becker, MD
Cancer Care, Oncology, Radiation Oncology

Oncology Nurse Navigators

Navigating a cancer diagnosis and treatment can be daunting. But with the help of our oncology nurse navigators, you don’t have to do it alone. Your nurse navigator will be by your side every step of the way, providing guidance through every part of your cancer treatment journey.

Oncology nurse navigators provide support and education, as well as maintain open communication between you, your family and your oncology care team. From managing appointments and referrals, to guiding your expectations before, during and after treatment, your nurse navigator will ensure your cancer care runs as smoothly as possible.

Nurse navigators assist cancer patients and their families by offering a broad array of services:

  • Education regarding diagnosis and treatment
  • Assistance with referrals and appointments to ensure timely follow-up 
  • Assistance with financial concerns 
  • Emotional support for you and your loved ones 
  • Open communication between you and your care team 
  • Direction to local resources and support
Dr. Saha with nurse navigator Holly
Surgeon speaking with patients

General Surgeons

Surgery can serve a wide range of purposes in your cancer journey, including diagnosis, staging and treatment. Our expert general surgeons, along with other members of your oncology team, will discuss with you the surgical options that are best-suited to your individual needs.

With a number of general and specialty surgeons on staff, access to cosmetic and cardiothoracic surgical care, stereotactic breast biopsies, melanoma removal, lumpectomies, lymph node removal and mastectomies are just a few of the extensive diagnostic, curative and reconstructive surgical options we offer. At Fairfield Medical Center, surgical care is provided in our 116,000 square-foot surgical tower: an environment designed to promote healing and comfort for you and your loved ones.