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Article originally published Fall 2017.

When Mike Henwood of Lancaster arrived at Fairfield Medical Center after suffering an aortic aneurysm, he was in dire straits – but luckily, he found himself in capable hands. It took just 30 minutes for the Emergency Department team to diagnose an unconscious Mike and whisk him away to surgery – a quick response that helped save his life. “I was extremely fortunate. I had a one in 10 chance of living and I’m still here: FMC is as good as it gets,” Mike said.

While the circumstance of his stay at Fairfield Medical Center was a scary one, his experience was wonderful. “They see everyone as an individual, and the staff is a joy to be around,” Mike shared. “It’s more than a job for them – it’s their culture.” He particularly recalls how professional and lighthearted the nurses were and how kindly they treated his family throughout his journey, meeting them with compassion and encouragement at every turn. “I received more than high-quality care at Fairfield Medical Center, I received high-quality caring,” he said.

Mike’s vascular surgeon, Dr. Omar Al-Nouri, calls him “one lucky guy” – and Mike couldn’t agree more. FMC’s team of dedicated professionals is here for you when you need them the most.

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FMC was only 8 miles away, and they had everything I needed.
FMC was only 8 miles away, and they had everything I needed.”

Vascular Care patient Mike Henwood discusses his experience with Fairfield Medical Center.

Fairfield Medical Center is as good as you can get!
Fairfield Medical Center is as good as you can get!”

Mike Henwood shares his experience with the Vascular Care team at Fairfield Medical Center.