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This article was originally published in the Spring 2022 edition of The Monitor.

Guest Columnist: Dylan Ekstrand, DO, Fairfield Healthcare Professionals Primary Care


The dreaded “check engine” light. We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling of knowing it’s time to make an appointment at the mechanic to avoid further issues with the car.

Just like your car, your body needs routine maintenance. Regular check-ups and screenings with a primary care provider can help navigate the “check engine” light of your body. These short visits are necessary investments in your health, just like oil changes and tire rotations are an investment in your car. Preventative health screenings exist so that we can intervene before the problem gets worse. A colon cancer screening, for example, may reveal pre-cancerous polyps that can be removed before they become cancerous.

My responsibility as a primary care provider is to listen to and guide my patients toward their idea of better health. This includes staying up to date on routine maintenance and screenings, which can vary based on age or condition:

  • Breast cancer screening starting at age 40
  • Diabetes mellitus screening starting at age 35
  • Colon cancer screening starting at age 45
  • Depression screening starting at age 12

*Some patients may require earlier screening based on personal or family history. If you are overdue for a wellness exam or screening, or if you do not have a primary care provider, take steps to make your health a priority.

Regular check-ups can cover:

  • Routine concerns, preventative wellness screenings and sick care
  • Management of chronic disease and conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure
  • Immunizations
  • Comprehensive examinations for all ages
  • Non-emergent mood disorders
  • School and sport physicals

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