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Article originally published January 13, 2020.

On Monday, Oct. 28, Fairfield Medical Center and the Greenfield Township Fire Department recognized the lifesaving efforts of staff at Matt Taylor Kia in Lancaster, who jumped into action when their co-worker, Doug Mosack, suffered a heart attack in August.

Keila Kline, Brian Metzler and Heather Parks received individual Great Save Awards for quickly recognizing Doug’s condition, initiating CPR and continuing chest compressions until first responders arrived. In addition, a staff-wide award was presented to honor the group’s seamless teamwork during the critical situation. Resa Tobin, FMC’s community educator, also recognized 15 staff members who completed CPR Certification training in September.

“There is significant research to validate that more people could survive a cardiovascular event if bystanders would take action and begin chest compressions,” said Tobin, who provides CPR training to businesses like Matt Taylor Kia. “Practicing this training is key to a more immediate response should a cardiovascular happen when you are present. In CPR and AED training, we review the steps of how to help, practice the actions involved and rehearse how to handle a cardiac crisis.”

In addition to the presentation of awards, three speakers offered words of encouragement, praise and congratulations at the event, including John Lazarus, M.D., Ph.D, of Fairfield Healthcare Professionals Cardiology; FMC Emergency Department Manager Angela Snider and Chief Brad Smith of the Greenfield Township Fire Department.

For more information about CPR training for your business or organization, contact Resa Tobin at 740-687-8477 or