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Article originally published November 30, 2017.

As a long-time volunteer, Becky Wilmot is a familiar face at Fairfield Medical Center; so, when she needed to have her shoulder replaced, the decision to have the procedure done where she was most comfortable was a no-brainer. “I have all the confidence in the world in Fairfield Medical Center and the care they provide,” she shared.

With the help of her surgeon and care team at FHP Orthopedics, Becky’s shoulder was rebuilt – turning her into, as she says, a “bionic woman.” The surgery, however, was only one piece of the puzzle: physical therapy started almost immediately. “Their Outpatient Therapy Services are second to none,” Becky said. “They’ve really gone the extra mile to rehabilitate me and give me back my quality of life.” Becky’s mobility and comfort have both come a long way since her orthopedic surgery.

As a volunteer, Becky has always known that the focus of Fairfield Medical Center revolves around its patients and their community, but seeing it firsthand – as a patient herself – has really driven that mission home: “FMC will do all they can to get you the help you need,” she said.

Becky shares in FMC’s desire to help others and is proud to be a part of Fairfield Medical Center’s mission to provide high-quality care close to home.

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