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Since its introduction in February 2022, more than 400 patients have benefitted from Fairfield Medical Center’s robotic surgery program, which provides access to advanced lung biopsy technology and minimally invasive surgical techniques. Far exceeding the first-year goal of 100 procedures performed, Fairfield Medical Center’s surgeons and specialists are excited about the success and continued growth of the program.

“As more and more physicians choose to use the robotic approach for their procedures, we are expanding services to better serve our patients,” said Jeff Collins, patient services director at Fairfield Medical Center. “We’ve also received excellent feedback from patients and providers regarding the impact of this technology in its first year at FMC.”

One of those patients was Makala Shipley, a 23-year-old physical therapy assistant from New Lexington. After dealing with persistent gastrointestinal symptoms and abdominal pain for more than a year, Makala turned to Fairfield Healthcare Professionals general surgeon David Hasl, MD, for guidance. With a history of abnormalities related to her gallbladder, Dr. Hasl recommended Makala undergo a robotic cholecystectomy to remove the organ.

“The robotic technology we have available at Fairfield Medical Center makes these procedures that much safer,” said Dr. Hasl. “From the amount of control we have over our instruments to the magnified, three-dimensional view – it’s unparalleled. These capabilities reduce the risk of complications.”

Makala, who was discharged shortly following her procedure, described her recovery as “a breeze.” Although she experienced mild post-operative pain, the discomfort was a far cry from her pre-operative circumstances.

“It was so convenient to have my surgery at Fairfield Medical Center, and I could tell everything had changed the second I got home,” Makala said. “I just feel better all around, and I’m grateful Dr. Hasl took my concerns seriously.”


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