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On Tuesday, April 19, Fairfield Medical Center hosted a special reunion at FMC’s River Valley Campus. During the event, three recovered cardiac patients – Ron Brame, Tina Rayburn and Jerry Benson – were given the opportunity to share a heartfelt “thank you” with the caregivers who not only made a difference in their lives, but who made their survival and recovery possible. Additionally, several departments from across the organization were recognized as Legendary Caregivers through the FMC Foundation’s Grateful Patient Program, an award designed to honor outstanding dedication, expertise and compassion.

“We often get grateful patient stories that recognize one, two, maybe three people for the care they provided,” said Amie Cohen, FMC Foundation Donor Relations Representative & TWIG Liaison. “Lately, we’ve been getting stories about entire floors and departments who make a difference, and I think this is an incredible and inspiring example of the teamwork at FMC.”

The evening included presentations from FMC president and CEO John R. “Jack” Janoso, as well as the physicians who, alongside their teams, helped pave the way to recovery for the guests of honor. Each speaker expressed immense pride in Fairfield Medical Center’s skill, innovation and constant commitment to improving quality and patient outcomes.

“I’m proud of everyone in this room and what we’ve built together, of what we’ve done for this region,” said cardiologist Jeremy Buckley, MD, who has played a vital role in the growth and development of FMC’s cardiovascular program over the past decade. “I’ve often said where you live should not dictate if you live, and these patients are living proof of that. It doesn’t matter where you live in southeastern Ohio, we’re going to be here for you. Always.”

Fairfield Medical Center’s comprehensive cardiovascular program partners with EMS and regional health systems to provide critical and emergent care to patients suffering STEMI (heart attack), cardiac arrest and cardiogenic shock. In addition to emergency services, patients can expect access to minimally invasive interventions and cardiac rehabilitation to improve health and quality of life.

Ron Brame, who was hospitalized at Fairfield Medical Center for more than a month following cardiac arrest and a multitude of related complications, closed the night with a message of appreciation:

“This group is just totally unbelievable,” Ron said of his caregivers. “To me, this is the best hospital in the world. They saved my life, and I’ll never forget these people here. They are everything to me, and they deserve every recognition.”


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