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Cancer patients at Fairfield Medical Center will experience shorter and more precise radiation treatments beginning next month thanks to new technology that was purchased through a generous donation from the FMC Foundation.

On Aug. 23, the FMC Foundation announced on behalf of its donors that it would be donating $1 million toward the purchase of a linear accelerator for Fairfield Medical Center’s cancer care services. “Thanks to this donation, we are now capable of treating certain cancer types that we have not been able to in the past while reducing the treatment times for patients, allowing them to have more time at home with their family and friends,” said Chad Stoltz, director of FMC’s Cancer Services. “This is part of our commitment to the community we serve to provide cancer treatment close to home, where you will be treated like family.”

In early 2020, the Fairfield Medical Center Foundation set a fundraising campaign goal of $750,000 toward the purchase of a linear accelerator, which can be used to treat cancer in many different areas of the body. The benefits of this technology include customized radiation therapy to meet the specific needs of each patient, as well as shorter treatment times.

“The overwhelming support our donors have shown for the FMC Foundation has empowered us to surpass our fundraising goal, and deserves our recognition,” said Tracy Kelly, executive director of the FMC Foundation. “Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our donors and community gave of themselves to support our healing initiatives,” Kelly said. “We are grateful and inspired for what they have made possible in our community, and the lives they have saved in the process.”

Jamie Culver, chair of the FMC Foundation Board, agreed.“Through the efforts and generosity of the many donors and supporters of FMC Foundation events, this gift will help ensure that patients in and around Fairfield County can receive high quality cancer care here at our community hospital, and the Foundation board is proud to support that initiative.”

As always, the FMC Foundation continues to support healthcare services in the community. To learn more about the healing mission of the FMC Foundation, call 740-687-8105.

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