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The Lancaster Fire Department, Fairfield Medical Center and FMC Community Heart Watch came together during Festival Fair Day on July 24 to recognize a local teenager whose quick action helped save the life of his grandmother.

Traven Miller, 13, of Lancaster was presented the Lancaster Fire Department’s Lifesaver Award, which was created in his honor and will be given out regularly to community members who perform lifesaving actions. Traven was recognized for immediately calling 911 after his grandmother, Debra Gilbert, went into cardiac
arrest at her home on Nov. 13, 2020.

Cardiac arrest, which occurs when blood flow to the heart is comprised, can be fatal without immediate medical intervention. Debra was transported to Fairfield Medical Center by the Lancaster Fire Department, where she underwent an emergency stent placement to re-establish blood flow to her arteries.

“As we reminisced Debra’s incredible story, I was reminded of the gift of time, the preciousness of every second and the impact of family and local community in response to cardiac emergencies,” said FMC cardiologist John Lazarus, MD, PhD. “Early recognition of cardiac arrest, early call to 911, bystander CPR and
defibrillation by an AED within 3 minutes is essential to survival.”

Following the award presentation, in which Debra had an opportunity to reunite with the EMS workers who helped save her life, Traven joined other children in attendance to learn hands only CPR from Michael Proctor, firefighter/paramedic and CPR Coordinator of the Violet Township Fire Department, and Deserae Belcher, RN, of Fairfield Medical Center. Traven was among more than 120 people to receive hands only CPR training during Festival Fair Day.

“We are so thrilled that various adults and children in our community took one more step to be their neighbor’s keeper,” Dr. Lazarus said.

Community Heart Watch

Advocating for Awareness

The Community Heart Watch, formed in partnership with Fairfield Medical Center, was created with one mission in mind: to save lives across the region. This committee of local healthcare providers, educators, first responders and economic leaders is determined to improve sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) survival rates throughout southeastern Ohio by:

Learn more about how you can become a hero.