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From the day I was diagnosed, to when I finished my treatments, I felt totally confident in the FMC physicians, nurses and other staff members, and my treatment plan.  The staff in the Radiation office put me at such ease, and helped me to feel comfortable with what I was going to experience at every step.  You weren’t just another patient to them – they became like family to me, and made a difficult experience very bearable.  It was a blessing for me to be able to receive my radiation treatments here at FMC, and be able to continue working without taking much time off.  A shorter treatment time each visit, which is offered by the Linear Accelerator, would have made that even easier.

I was lucky, and did not experience all of the possible side effects, but like some patients, did have fairly significant burning and blistering from the radiation. The Linear Accelerator reduces side effects like this, and I am so excited for people undergoing treatment in the future, to receive the benefits of this new technology.

Terri Hanna, Cancer Survivor